Blackberry Apploader Brew

by !=Linus=! | 11:11 AM in |

iPhones have been successfully unlocked and used by plenty. Now the users have Research In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry in their sight.

A lot of Blackberry 8000 or 9000 users want to unlock their smart phones and are burning the internet looking for some software that will unlock their gadget.

Now this is not tried and tested but what I have heard on the grape vine is that there is indeed a free software available and called MFI Multiloader which promises to unleash your phones. What you have to do it download this almost 1GB file from some sort of torrent.

After you download it successfully, install it on your computer, run the Desktop manager, use it to upgrade the OS of the Blackberry, and as it promises, you are all set. After the completion of this set of exercise, your Blackberry will be ready to accept any SIM card.

Now for some checks and balances, you have to make sure that your vendor.xml file is purged from the Apploader directory after the Desktop Manager is finished installing.

From what I hear, this is supposed to be ideal for Blackberry Storm users to unlock their phone, either - 9500 or 9530, and also including Pearl 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, but wait there is more BlackBerry Curve 86300, 8310, 8320, and possibly the 8350i. Did I forget to mention Bold and Pearl Flip 8220.

But speed is critical here because as and when this method becomes popular, the company is going to pull a plug on this scheme. Also, I give no guarantee since I have not tried it but if you have, give your comments below and we can try and resolve your issue.