Mozilla Firefox 3 Release Download Record

by !=Linus=! | 11:28 AM in |

This particular project has been about 34 months in the making, but come tommorow the project would officially get released - Mozilla’s open source web browser Firefox 3.Which has amazing features in it.

As the company holds out on eager Firefox users until it is deemed software ready, as the time nears, excitement is reaching a fever pitch.

Mozilla is making the most out of its release date, including world-wide parties and the now infamous attempt at setting a new Guinness World Record for most software downloads in one day.

One thing that Mozilla is most proud of is the enhanced speed and efficiency of Firefox 3, claiming to be nine times faster than rival Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7, and two to four times faster than previous version Firefox 2.

I tested this software quite a bit and I can’t say I noticed any change in the speed but then I (and most others) might have become accustomed to faster internet speeds of some time.

Either way, if like me you use Firefox and think have benefited from it and want to give something in return, download the latest copy of Firefox from their website ( and help them create a world record that they have set out to achieve.