FLIR ATS (ex-Cedip, has changed its cameras range name to finalize its integration within the FLIR group. Indeed, since 2008 FLIR Systems, the world leader in design and manufacturing of infrared cameras, has become the majority shareholder of Cedip Infrared Systems, the French supplier of high performance infrared cameras & systems. The two specialists have joined forces in the manufacturing and marketing of cooled mid- and long-wave infrared cameras for the science, R&D and thermography markets.
As a first step, Cedip in becoming part of the FLIR group changed its name by FLIR ATS, FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions. As a 2nd step, all Cedip/FLIR ATS products have been integrated into the FLIR ranges.

As a 3rd step, all FLIR ATS products names have been standardized with the FLIR Systems naming conventions. The FLIR ATS products being high-end solutions & corresponding to the high range of products, they have been renamed with the prefix SC, like Science, products for Science & R&D applications. Number models were allocated as follow:

SC2000 Series: Near infrared camera with extended wavelength from 0.8 µm to 2.5 µm.
SC5000 Series: High performance cameras for users who need simplicity and performance in industry. Its motorized focus allows installing them in deported or harsh environments.
SC7000 Series: Versatile very high performance cameras for advanced R&D users. Its wide diversity of detector configurations allows addressing any applications in academic and industrial researches.
Orion SC7000 Series: Cameras dedicated to multi-spectral analysis application where spectral imaging or speed is a must.
SC7900 VL Series: Unique large band spectral response camera with high sensitivity in the 8-12µm range. Find all these cameras & systems on or
FLIR ATS offers a wide range of high-performance infrared imaging cameras and systems incorporating the latest technology in optics, infrared focal plane array detectors, electronic hardware and software. Founded in 1989 FLIR ATS is today recognised as a leading supplier of high-end Infrared Imaging solutions for industry, R&D, medical and thermography applications around the world. For further details on the new names or on our IR systems, please contact FLIR ATS on telephone +33-1-6037-0100, email or visit /