Orkut New Themes

by !=Linus=! | 11:30 AM in |

But guess what. Members from India get first preference when it comes to testing out new changes. Same was the case when Orkut changed its theme to a new CSS layout long time back or when it introduced applications like Facebook.Its always the users from India who get to try out these changes first. Orkut knows which side its bread is buttered on.

Orkut is the number one application in countries like India. (Brazil is another). So if you are an Orkut user from India and you have the option available, go ahead and change the themes and rant about it to your friends.

I am in talks with some friends who work in Orkut. If you want this theme option available for your profile, leave your Orkut ID, this is the login you use, in comments section and if you are lucky, your account may be enabled with the themes feature for testing.