Obama Shirtless Photos

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Barack Obama was photographed shirtless while vacationing in Hawaii with his family. The 47-year-old president-elect who has tightly controlled press photographs of his family was caught on camera by a paparazzo who simply set up on a beach in Kailua and the photos in full view of Secret Service. The Obamas are spending Christmas in Hawaii.

Obama's well-defined physique won't be surprising to anyone familiar with his fitness schedule. He headed to the gym every morning before hitting the campaign trail during the election for 45 minutes every day alternating four days of weight training and two days of aerobics and treadmill. Obama is also known for his addiction to Honest Tea, a brand of organic teas, particularly the Black Forest Berry flavor. Perhaps his only unhealthy habit is occasional smoking which he has pledged to stop entirely

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, wore a modest black one-piece bathing suit while younger daughter Sasha went with a blue bikini.

The paparazzo who took the photos of Obama shirtless is said to be a freelance contractor for Bauer-Griffin, a paparazzi agency in California, and lives near the Obama vacation estate.